Tip of the Week: Engaging Passive Candidates


This week’s tip of the week comes from Alison Mackay, Technical Recruiter at Facebook, from our webinar: Guarantee Great Hiring Decisions Every Time!

Alison Mackay on engaging passive candidates:

“The candidates that I’m talking to are completely passive so 1) in order to get them on the phone it’s really about engaging them. But when I get them on the phone, I actually spend a lot of time sharing what the role is, the impacts that they’re gonna be having, and helping them understand really what we’re looking for. And then if they are interested, then I’ll deep dive into their skill set because they’re not active candidates, they’re not sure if they want this gig so they’re looking for that impact. And I think the other piece is just working in a large global company, I really have to understand if this person is excited about my role right. There’s like 3000 recruiters over here so being able to really deep dive and understand what they’re not saying is really important, especially when speaking with them.”

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