Tip of the Week: Ensuring Team Alignment


This week’s tip of the week comes from Jason Buss, VP Global Acquisition at Mongo DB and Founder of the Recruiters Network, from our webinar: Guarantee Great Hiring Decisions Every Time!

Jason Buss on ensuring team interview alignment:

“I think we can all relate to an interviewer or maybe in an organization saying, “Hey, I have this interview popped up on my calendar. I’m not a hundred percent sure what it’s for what this job is” and if that happens in your organization, I would say you’re doing it wrong. I think as important as the intake meeting that Alison alluded to is having the pre-brief, some organizations call it, with the hiring team, as Ryan alluded to, and really dividing out who is addressing what and what questions. And you know what I like to share with interviewers is, if you have you know 45 minutes say with a candidate, you can actually only get to probably around three questions to go deep enough to Tom’s point earlier. Obviously, you’re gonna ask a lot of follow up questions, but you’re not gonna be able to get to you know 6 or 10 competencies as an example in 45 minutes. There’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to get enough information to make the right decision. So I think that that’s one piece on ensuring Team alignment.

Second is dividing the questions, and Ryan alluded to this, but I’ve heard you know from candidates throughout my career, “Hey I was asked by six interviewers why I’m looking or why I’m interviewing here,” like that’s you know that’s what gives recruiting & hiring a bad reputation is nuances like that so making sure that the recruiter plays an absolutely critical part to the interview decision and really managing the interview team with the hiring manager I thinks really important.

And then last is just around ensuring you know we talked about alignment around values and culture. How are we dividing and conquering that?
Is, you know, each interviewer taking one core value to dig deep in? Or, is that gonna be one interviewer who’s just focusing on that? I think is another important aspect of making sure the team’s aligned overall.”

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