Tip of the Week: Assessing for Culture & Values


This week’s tip of the week comes from Ryan Dull, CEO of Sagemark HR, from our webinar: Guarantee Great Hiring Decisions Every Time!

Ryan Dull on assessing for culture fit and value alignment:

“Yeah, I think on the front end or before you even get to that point, I think it’s really important for organizations to spend the time and clearly understand kind of the traits, and characteristics, and behaviors that make people successful in the organization. And equally important, spending the time on the opposite end understanding those areas that are derailers or make people unsuccessful. So having a really good understanding of that both against your culture and values in your organization of understanding what makes people successful and then what the derailers are, and then leveraging that into finding as many data points as you can from different angles on the candidates so that can be through interviews, that can be through assessment, that can be through automated reference checking tools. I think things like that is really getting a well-rounded perspective on each candidate and as much data and information as you possibly can to make the most informed decision.”

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