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By Katrina Kibben 
CEO, Three Ears Media

I talk to a lot of people who know precisely how LinkedIn should work. At least they think they do. Often, I’ll sit down to rework their LinkedIn profile one-on-one, and after just the first question, they’ll hurry to pull out the old example. “I just wrote it when I tried to overhaul my own,” they say. 

Then, they read off buzzwords and requirements that sound like a robot wrote them. After encouraging them to put that away and ensuring that I’ll capture every little detail, I start to ask different questions altogether. 

My personal favorite question is this: So, you wake up in the morning and put on your pants. Now what? It surprises some and makes all of them smile. Why? These questions inspire imagination. It takes them back to their proudest moments and a “why” that’s more than a paycheck. 

No one is expecting it. Most of all, I appreciate these kinds of questions because it forces someone to imagine a day in the life, not a list of credentials. All of a sudden, I can picture exactly what “collaborate with team members” really looks like and why it’s so important. I know their story, and I can describe the most critical parts.

Life on LinkedIn: Recruiter Real Talk 

After a recruiter gets up and puts their pants on every morning, most use LinkedIn. 87%, in fact. Facebook may technically be the largest social network, but LinkedIn is the law of the land for recruiters. Every day, recruiters spend countless hours digging through profiles and messaging candidates on LinkedIn.

But sourcing isn’t their only specialty. Recruiters become LinkedIn experts in more ways, and if you’ve ever been to a cocktail party with a recruiter, you know what I’m talking about. Everyone asks recruiters for advice on their resume and LinkedIn profile. 

But here’s the catch. Most of the time, recruiter profiles aren’t the best in class, even by their standards. Despite how often recruiters use their LinkedIn accounts, most never take a second glance at their profile. 

Then a pandemic comes along, and the talent departments start to disappear. Suddenly, recruiters are trying to apply their philosophy to their profile and feel pretty stumped. 

We all know how easy it is to give advice and how challenging it is to apply that advice for yourself: case and point. My buddy Jason offered up his profile as a guinea pig. He said, “take a look and tell me what’s wrong.” Here’s what I saw.

Even Jason, a VP, and owner of an entire network of recruiters, has a sucky profile. Where do you stand?

You know I say all of this with love, Jason. Profile rewrite on me, buddy. 

The Big Giveaway: How You Can Win A Free LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

If you watched the video, you know the big reveal. Thanks to Jason and the Recruiter’s Network, 15 of you will get a FREE LinkedIn profile rewrite with me, Katrina Kibben. 

We know more people than ever are out of work and hoping their profile will stand out in a sea of recently unemployed talent leaders. That’s where I come in. 

While job posts are my company’s specialty, I started rewriting LinkedIn profiles after the first big round of layoffs in March. I wanted to use all of my writing experience to help people, and now, I want to help you. 

Here’s what you need to do next. 
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