Tip of the Week: Creating a Great Candidate Experience


This week’s tip of the week comes from Candice Zaniewski, Principal Founder of Tailored Talent. Candice sits as a board member on the Oregon Recruiters community within the Recruiters Network!

Candice Zaniewski on creating a great candidate experience:

“The best way to deliver a great candidate experience is by being responsive, being real, and building respect. As a candidate, it’s hard to be on the other side waiting. So I’m always mindful of how quickly I’m responding to a candidate throughout the process and setting that bar very high from the early onset of the process, whether they’re an active candidate or someone that we might have found and reached out to. Being real, I think we’re working with other people so making yourself human and asking a lot of questions and setting expectations, but also listening. Something as simple as someone prefers to hear from me via text or email rather than a phone call just continues to build that credibility as we’re building a relationship and I think that breeds into respect. A mutual respect, both for me of the individual but also for the candidate with me, and we look forward to working together whether that’s in this particular position that we’re talking about or in other opportunities down the road regardless of how the particular role we’re talking about at the moment pans out.”

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