Tip of the Week: Ryan Dull


Join us for our tip of the week. This tip comes from Ryan Dull, CEO of Sagemark HR, who was a panelist on our webinar:

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Ryan Dull: 

As we work through this with other clients of ours and other TA organizations, usually what will have them do is again sit down with everyone that’s on the interview team, make sure they’re aligned, and clearly understand what a successful profile looks like for the candidate. So there’s clear alignment around what the target is, most importantly upfront, and then what each person’s role is on that interview and selection team. So usually divide out either the questions, depending on what style of interview you’re using, so we don’t have that dreaded we got six people talking to this candidate and all six ask the exact same questions. So we wanna make sure that we divide out those questions appropriately, that each individual has the question that aligns with either their skill set is an interviewer or their particular area of expertise within the organization, and then you structure it on what the expectation is for them, and then how to provide feedback into the selection process.


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