Tip of the Week: Tom Gimbel


This week’s tip of the week comes from Tom Gimbel, Founder & CEO of LaSalle Network, from our webinar: Guarantee Great Hiring Decisions Every Time!

Tom Gimbel:

“I do think it’s that secondary and third-level question, feeding off the first one. So if you’re gonna ask somebody, depending whether again
it could be a developer could be a recruiter could be a salesperson, what was your biggest accomplishment and then can you either A) monetize that or can you tell me the work that went into doing that, and then who is your reference that’s gonna then help you achieve that goal and very few projects are really done individually. There’s always somebody whether it was a manager that you through it, whether it was a subordinate you delegated it to, whether it was somebody in marketing or finance to help you on the project, who is the person that helped you achieve that goal and I wanna talk to that person and if somebody is not comfortable in sharing that then either A) they didn’t play well with others or B) they are they’re a lone wolf and they weren’t incorporating other people. Which may be right for certain positions and certain companies but it may not be for the ones that the majority of people are looking for where they want that team-based player.

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